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VII. What Kind Of General Issues Does Hypnotherapy Cure?



Compelling hypnotic therapies are used in a systematic way that gives reliable results for a number of issues. Most issues that I work with are completed in 4 to 6 sessions. The following are among some of the most common services. 


Stress Management  Fears and Phobias  Trauma

Anger Management  Relationship Issues  Sexual Issues

Physical Healing         Mood          Stop Smoking 

Nail Biting          Self-Esteem         Parenting Issues

Procrastination          Test Anxiety          Insomnia

Pain Management         Forgiveness Issues  Motivation 

Sports Improvement          Confidence          Attitude 

Grief Issues          Shyness 

And, More 


Hypnosis for Stress and Anxiety Relief


Hypnosis for stress and anxiety reduction is a wonderful way to begin to move toward health and healing. Stress and anxiety are some of the greatest friends of disease. 


Through learning self-hypnosis and other hypnotherapeutic techniques, you can begin to feel a lifting of everyday stress and anxiety or reduction of stress and anxiety related to illness. Hypnosis for stress relief is also recommended for caregivers.


Hypnosis has also been demonstrated effective in many other medical situations, including some skin conditions.


Stress Management and Self-Hypnosis 


Stress management and learning to be more relaxed are two areas in which hypnosis and especially self-hypnosis is well known for. In addition to doing private sessions for controlling anxiety, reducing stress, etc., I hold classes teaching self-hypnosis. 


Self-hypnosis using, visualization and imagery techniques are also valuable in pain management, reducing high blood pressure, lowering stress and anxiety, just to name a few.


Improve Confidence, Motivation, Memory, Public Speaking, and Sports 


In addition to using hypnosis to help clients break habits, hypnosis is beneficial for improving sports performance and job performance. In the area of work and career improvement, clients can improve their confidence, concentration, memory, motivation, and public speaking. 


In the area of sports, hypnosis is beneficial for both recreational and competitive sportsmen and sportswomen. So, whether you just want to improve your game, or go for the gold, hypnosis can help you reach your goals. 


Hypnosis is also used for improving memory. Clients can be helped to find lost items and remember childhood experiences (adoption issues, remembering names and locations). 


Hypnosis is used as a tool to help clients and patients uncover the source of symptoms from their past, using hypnotic age regression. Hypnotic age regression can also be used to help witnesses remember important details of a crime scene. 







It is easier than learning ordinary self-hypnosis from a book because when you try to learn it from a book you always wonder if you are really doing it right. The way it works is that a trained hypnotherapist teaches you the techniques, including how to go into hypnosis, while you are in hypnosis! 


Then when you first emerge from hypnosis, you immediately use the technique to take yourself back into hypnosis. This is the easiest time to go into hypnosis. The results are almost automatic! The hypnotherapist is there to make sure you are doing it right and to answer any questions that you might have, right then and there. It is like planting a new garden. The good gardener would remove the old weeds before you plant the new flowers. 



Using old-fashioned self-hypnosis is like planting a new flower garden in an area that is full of weeds. The new flowers wouldn't have a chance because the old weeds have a head start. They would choke off almost any chance that the new flowers had to take root and grow strong. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it that way. You need to remove the weeds (and the root) so that the good plants and flowers (new useful thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and behaviors, etc.) can survive and grow.

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