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To maintain privacy, confidentiality has been maintained.That is part of the contract between the client and therapist, therefore no details of the client are being shared on this page.

There is no reason to feel less or more by being recognised as someone who reached out to heal yourself. As no act is so vile that it does not have virtue. As a matter of fact every act will only empower you so you may empower yourself and move towards a healthier living.

Yet many people do not want their testimonial pasted below hence those have been put away and are not coped to these pages below. There are many more valuable comments and testimonials that are precious and very carefully drafted by clients yet it is impossible to paste all those on this site hence these have been picked randomly to represent the generosity of people.

“It’s easy to be you “ My companion on a recent long flight.”

The inner drive stays motivated as long as you remain light-hearted” this had me fooled, anticipating an easy-breezy read ..only to discover that I clearly needed tutorials on understanding the seemingly simple human psyche. My power of absorption needed some overhauling is what I discovered as I read a few pages and felt the need to revisit them on the next leg as well, slowly soaking it in, “The perfect remedy for conformity is discovering presence in non- conformity “.. this and many such more got me thinking.

For me, this is a start by itself. Your detailed research and effortless style of writing are in perfect synergy with illustrations which were long forgotten.

“Let your heart lead and mind follow as you evolve into discovering how easy it is to be you.”


Thank you Radhi@Radhika Kawlra Singh. Time to take a bow.

Neety Singh

" This book has resonated with me from the very moment I started reading it.Every topic is replete with sagacity & insight which propel you to overcome self doubt and unlearn  deeply embedded traits that tend to hold one back. As a result I see myself constantly referring to it at every important  milestone in my life to unleash my latent potential to grow and become the best version of myself. "

— Jogeshwar Kaur Bal

Hi Radhika ! Congratulations on your first book. Compliments to you for choosing a subject that everyone can relate with and need help with at some point in their lives. Your wisdom and solutions as suggested in the book will surely come handy at work and home. Looking forward to a spiritually stimulating read. 
Best wishes for your forthcoming books. 

— Manjeet Mandeep Wadhwa

I have immensely enjoyed the experience of reading the wonderful book ‘It’s easy to be YOU’, it deals with various demons that we have in the hectic and stressful life. It offers solutions as how to deal with and come out victorious. The very question who am I ? is an enigma in itself and Radhika boldly picks up the cudgels in answering and then suggesting ways as how to know yourself control yourself and move on in life. It is a book that combines the art of knowing mythological historical and consciousness.

Like an expert she picks up the doubts, misgivings, frustration, fear and the problems we face and she starts peeling of the layers one by one, as if we are peeling an onion and then brings us to the core. It is pertinent that in allowing us to open the doors of our perception she beautifully blends the energies yoga physical well being and the role of beautiful landscape of nature.

— Rama Sharma

The book it’s easy to be YOU inspires me to be true to be me so I can be myself with more ease and thus be able to remain and give the best of myself - always!!

— Arti Malhotra

"It's Easy To Be You" is a life-changing book! Radhika Kawlra Singh is an incredibly powerful person and a Subconscious Mind Expert. There is no question that this book can change your outlook and help you begin to make things right in your life!

It’s Easy To Be You is a fabulous handbook to help each one of us attain better self-awareness. This book offers clear information, direction, exercises and action planning that actively engages us in discovering our true self.

If you have been searching to understand yourself better, this book will walk you through the territory you must sojourn so that you leave no stone unturned in discovering your identity, value and purpose of your life. This book helps you become the explorer, discoverer, and builder of your own inner architecture. For many seekers, trying to find their life’s purpose might seem like an overwhelming challenge, but “It’s Easy To Be You” provides a roadmap to personal fulfillment.

— Rohini Raju

“It’s Easy to be YOU” has already had a major impact on me. At a stage when one approaches the Big Fifty mark, being at peace with oneself is a priority. Factors conflicting with finding happiness such as being judgemental and cynical have disappeared with the realization that there is no better feeling than having a calmness within. True happiness can only be found within.

— Abhijat Sanghavi

The book is helping me connect with all parts of myself so I understand and know my place in the universe better. Simple pages and profound truths are all assembled into this book. I am able to work with so many issues simply following the exercises as they are step by step. I would recommend but this book - keep it for your entire life and keep going back to it when needy. It’s a wonderful gift as well.

— Satti Awla Chowdhary

The author Radhika Kawlra Singh has showed us not only “it’s Easy to be You” but actually also HOW to make it easy to to be you. In today’s world that is designed to distract you here comes a book that shows you how to connect with yourself again. She resonates the fact that reconnecting with yourself is not just something you “should” do, it’s something you “must” do. 
How to eliminate Anxiety, how to dismiss fear such important part of our lives today are so beautifully explained.I have read and then gone back and read again carefully some parts of the book to gain a more insightful look into myself. 
She has beautifully provided us insights into our own mind without really knowing each and everyone of us personally. You just connect with what she is saying and feel that this powerful women of today is actually sitting in front of you and Imparting this knowledge she has gained with years of experience.
A must read and re read.

— Mahtab Chhapkhanawala 

‘It’s easy to be you’-Book with an unadulterated title which has multiple meanings and teachings hidden under deep layers of words.
Radhika has curated an interesting tool using 
questions for the readers which makes it mandatory for one to self check before solving it. The easy techniques are like codes  offered by her yet to score well using these codes really depends on how we apply them within our day to day situations. Adopting these codes has certainly helped me and I believe this book is for keeps for future references. A Major part of the battle is won if we really understand how to govern our thoughts and intentions.

— Manpreet Okara

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