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About The Book

As we have realised and science explains this better - our mind controls our body to the extent that every thought has a deep impact on the way our responses will show up. As we continue to seek complex and infinite goals - we need to work with our own areas of discomfort so life may meaningfully and purposefully guide us forward. We need to become independent - to resize our difficulties and dismiss them fully. The book thus initiates a shift towards a more balanced YOU allowing you to positively contribute in enabling many others within a presently chaotic society. 


The book thus, offers perspectives and tools, to encourage YOU to feel more certain to walk through your individual journeyll - liberating the universe from it's responsibility of knowing itself and its trajectory.


It’s Easy to be YOU published by Bloomsbury. 

Radhika Kawlra Singh is expanding the healing canvas to be able to make people self reliant so they may witness their own evolution and satiate their quest for feeling content. As she shares tools and techniques that make people move from point A to point B, feeling better in every way - She is also awaiting the universal presence of infinite consciousness to witness its own manifestation as being ONE. She believes that as long as the human mind engenders the divide, it will be a long arduous journey back home for the universe.


From people at large, there has been hugely responsive feedback. Most people are spending a great deal of time reading the book with much focus and energy. Others are fascinated by the content - yet, looking to find the space and time to delve into their psyche and understand the inner realm and thus communicate better with themselves. 
She is delighted to hear your reviews on the book so she knows how your engagement on the universal part of liberation strengthens the spirit of being.

A preview letter for the reader from the author,


THE SOCIAL MACROCOSM: While the Universe is handcrafting the process of precipitating providence, your spirited inner being is advancing its customary movement to align with consciousness as well. In looking to anchor the good, it is urging you to acknowledge your feeling state. By that means your recognition of feeling immensely weak or abundantly powerful becomes an easy tool for daily use. You do not know you are entrapped, until you set yourself free. It is only when you notice what’s lacking within your own state of being that you advance your every endeavour to come into your own strength. With recognition of your own state of divinity, comes the knowing of being ONE with every single other manifestation. I bring you to the opening line of the book and I quote “The Aim of this book is to enable you to rediscover the Absolute self so the Universe may become liberated, finding itself released from its inherent desire to know itself fully.”


This book sets in motion a series of processes that parallel a robust change. While it pushes your ability to feel more certain, it is moving spirit to witness its own abreaction toward change. As difficult as any change may appear to be, it is important to know that there is a purpose to all that is occurring. That purpose is to shift your relationship from what is outside of you to an alignment with what is inside you, from depending on the truths of others to uncovering and setting your compass by your own truth. As you learn to pivot yourself on a balanced anvil within yourself, the world that you witness finds itself at equilibrium. 


Through the process of evolution conscious human beings strive to meet their highest potential, whatever that highest potential may be. While it appears that a complete and total space of coalescence with the spirit is beyond our observation of consciousness and is way beyond our current thinking yet, when we make the choice of allowing a transformation in being conscious through our daily life trials, our personal sense of spirituality will encompass a movement towards a rigorous unification with the Absolute. As we add awareness to our experiences in thought and to our intent, we make it possible for the Universe to manifest what it needs most.


MY PERIGRENATION: As far as I can look back in time, I have remained fascinated with two significant ideas: the idea of form and the matter of the spirit. While taking pictures my father would always have us look in a certain direction so he could encourage us to think about our relationship with life and just as that trigger was initiated he would collude the expressions of our engagement and capture them in a photograph. To the best of my belief, the focus of my attention toward examining the fenestration of buildings, windows and all form arranged symmetrically must have orchestrated from those zillion captures. The arrangement of form to me, meant things in the material world that aligned with symmetry and then it always brought me back to the question of why things existed at all.


As children we were encouraged to be emotionally intelligent, not go beyond ourselves to find success or dwell on failure. It was reiterated to us that there was nothing greater outside of us that did not reflect from the space - within. We built faith by questioning the plain and the extraordinary. Very early in time I noticed religious figures were always placed higher than the level of the eye, it required a subtle indefinite movement of lifting one’s head, unknowingly birthing a lack: personally it was a ceremonious initiation that moved me toward constructing real goals to fill the nebulous void. The ordinary greatness of both my parents meaningfully fostered the seeking and my ongoing engagement with people’s tangible and intangible issues as a therapist.


The people in my chair are always a vulnerable, yet best representation of fear absorbed humans. But for the logical part of their mind that keeps them sane, their inner sanctum is moving away from trust. My job is to help them identify the parts that are still liberated and not caught between stories anticipating eager results. Together we become seekers discovering nothing particular but a relationship that can expand with anything meaningful: it could be a relationship with their self worth, a state of being more present than absent or merely a physical dependence on something. A therapist client setting enables a professionally guided atmosphere in search for key words that glorify self-worth and dictate a self-transformation. Beyond the innumerable psychological theories that I inherited as a result of the study of the mind, I found my focus was on deciphering the caving gap between form and formlessness. It’s Easy to be YOU’, as a consequence examines the balance between our engagement with form and our varying degree of understanding the state of the infinite formless.


HUMANS SEEKING TO DISCOVER THE HIGHEST EXPRESSION OF CERTAINTY: My truest belief is that there is a message hidden between the lines through all our escapades and within the communication between people. There are no coincidences. So when you engage with such an initiative, you not only become the source of your own journey, in addition you become the very source of the journey that is meant to decide the current destiny of a number of people whom you can influence. This is because they while they seek the same passion for life that results in creating simple joy, experience a basic state of peace and live a normal healthy living, they long to become successful and secure just like their vision of someone they look up to, that is You.


What you have accessed and gained, that has encouraged the walk down the long road to a very accomplished place of success and content – they may never have! Yet, by setting thecorrect example you will encourage them to touch their heart center, just like you have – so they may feel true passion for their correct task or occupation. Even though that may happen unconsciously and the effect may only be subliminal, when someone intends to reach beneath the surface – he always has a willing energy that helps him discover a wealth of creation that has been obscure in the past. In addition and even more fascinating is that you will be encouraging him to coalesce with his highest beliefs to open up his awareness and become encouraged to walk his true soul path.


For the book ‘It’s Easy to be YOU’, to become culturally provocative, it becomes integral to have scores of people represent this book to take it forward, as people are incumbent with thoughts that align the collective consciousness of the world. Another well-known fact is that there is no joy revealed when we move forward on our own. In point of fact how would we even measure ourselves if there were no other ‘thing of contrast’? I leave you to reflect on my favorite analogy “When a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound?’

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