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You Beyond Isolation

Well-know author, Radhika Kawlra Singh has spent years studying and working with the subconscious mind as an Olympic mind coach and therapist. Through her time in private sessions, she has gained invaluable insights into the human mind and its capacity to reorganize itself by being given the correct reinforcement. 


In You: Beyond Isolation, the author triggers you to make a thorough observation of the beauty that governs the symmetrical advancement in nature and feel the benefaction of being granted time to build a greater kind of wisdom through each of your endeavors. She helps you make unimaginable changes to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your relationships, and the purpose of your engagement with things. 


As you address your vulnerability through purposeful exercises contained in the book, she helps you transform even your feeblest intention into a dynamic process of collective change, such that you may become a willing partner in the journey of the spirit’s awakening of itself. As each person sees the other as they see themself, they cut through complex problems setting the correct tone for an uplifting awakening for all.

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