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You Will Be Okay -

Embracing Social Distancing

Well-know author, Radhika Kawlra Singh has spent years studying and working with the subconscious mind as an Olympic mind coach and therapist. Through her time in private sessions, she has gained invaluable insights into the human mind and its capacity to reorganize itself by being given the correct reinforcement. 

You Will Be Okay: Embracing Social Distancing offers a step-by-step process that will help you dismiss the irrelevance that bothers you, enabling you to build a stronger inner dialogue and integrate a more liberated journey going forth. This very engaging book will open a world of happiness and peace for you by guiding you through a powerful affirmative questioning technique that draws on far greater wisdom than you may be aware of. 


With over two decades of experience as a hugely successful therapist and Olympic mind coach, the author stimulates a deliberate momentum that makes each person accountable to expand on love—from self-love to love for others, thereby creating an inescapable space of personal introspection. 


You, the reader, will be compelled to come face to face with your inner landscape, making corrections to innumerable perceptions of self-doubt, misrepresentation, immorality, and several uncharted mental patterns. This ground-breaking self-realization compels you to realize that the good and bad outside of you is the same as that which is lurking inside you. With persistent use, you will assemble uncommon revelations and endless possibilities of discovering a heightened level of good in others, and thereby also within yourself!

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