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I. Reiki Healing

Reiki’s discipline, practice, and teaching instruct us on the vibratory nature of the universe and give us a set methodology. A Master of substance guides the dissemination of Reiki. The practitioner after having received the necessary empowerment and instructions is able to draw on the ‘Universal Life force Energy’.


Reiki heals indirectly, by calming the mind and raising the ‘Life Force Energy’. A specific system is set forth to bring about healing. This healing occurs in the subtle, coherent and discrete energy field that is the underlying foundation of our very being. We are then able to pass the beneficial energies flowing through on to others. The result of the healing is profound and deep.


Reiki – a historical perspective!


Reiki was incorporated into the genetic coding as a birthright of all people when the human body for this planet was designed. People did not evolve on planet Earth. We were brought here from a variety of planetary cultures. Children of early earth in the civilization we call Mu today, received Reiki 2 at what we call the junior school. Reiki 3 was required for educators. When the people of its root culture left the mainland of Mu to colonize what is now India and Tibet, Reiki continued with them, though Mu was eventually lost. The Earth changes that destroyed first Mu and then Atlantis resulted in severe cultural disorganization, causing the healing system to remain the knowledge of only a few.


When the ‘Mughals’ ruled India and wanted to destroy the Hindu culture and with it any religious texts, some of the priests ran from here with the scriptures. These scriptures carried all the knowledge written in ‘Sanskrit’ about the healing codes and techniques. They then traveled to the East, to Tibet, then to China and later to Japan. It is from here that Reiki found its way in a systematic order of healing and practice and spread to the rest of the world.


Eastern and western sciences simply approach the same subject with different insights, yet both provide the confirmations of the role of the vibratory nature of the universe. Nothing which can be of benefit can be rejected. All forms of healing are therapeutic. 


Engaging with therapy is extremely beneficial in releasing stress. These therapies taken seriously have proven to become a tool for the gradual elimination of many of the psychosomatic causes of discomfort and disease.


It is my belief that for a civilization to survive and become stabilized a return to the traditional methods of healing ethics and teaching relating to human conduct is a necessity. The aim is to eliminate human suffering in all of its aspects. This energy can be used to aid others and ourselves and move towards a healthy society. 

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