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IV. Gaidon Heart

Radhika is a Master facilitator of the Gaiadon Heart program which has been channeled, co-created and taught by Saranya Zaveri.


There is nothing to fear. 2012 is not the end: it is rather a new beginning of a new cycle! 2012 is believed to mark the end of many cycles of Time. Many believe that the physical world will cease to exist. This New Cycle has in-fact already started. The end of the old cycle has already begun over-layering the new beginning. That is reflected in the world around us as we see many energies being released and transmuted instantaneously. A great global awakening is happening. All around the planet awakening souls are orchestrating self-initiatory ways to discovering the connection with the Divine within. The Universe continues to support them and reveal its wonders in their exciting journey. 


The Gaiadon Heart is a holistic ideology and a pathway. It gives you a way to go within yourself. On that journey you discover the wellspring of cosmic and divine wisdom, activating your own inner healing powers to heal yourself and others. The Gaiadon Heart activations allow you to constantly grow in your Spiritual path, focused on ascension for the Planet and the entire human race. 


The GAIADON HEART emerges with the unification of Gaia and Adonai. In activating the principle of The Divine Feminine-GAIA, or MOTHER EARTH, with the Divine Masculine-ADONAI, or MAN IN THE IMAGE of GOD, our Light body attains the true balance of creation, and ascension in this lifetime. We as children of Gaia-Adonai, contain a holomatrix of the Adam Qadmon – prototype of the perfect human in the Image of God within the cellular interface of our light bodies. This is a memory of the true divine form in the image and similitude of the creator. Our light body is a holographic spherical structure that holds within its sacred pattern the entire wisdom of the Universe. It is the pattern from which creation itself has sprung. Our basic cellular DNA pattern is contained within this pattern. 


These higher light encodements which we receive during the process, we must hold within our cells. They are highly evolved thought- patterns, so powerful that each embodies an energy signature, unique to that pattern. The energy signatures draw like-forms into themselves through a process of affinity. Groups of forms so aligned create energetic centers with energy circulating between various centers based upon secret laws. Thus a seed structure of hidden meaning emerges as the symbolic thought-forms are brought into contact with one another. This creates a transformational matrix that triggers the recognition of Self-Godhood in the meditator, short-circuiting the ego mind’s illusion of separation.


The Ultimate Goal of the encodement with the symbols is achieving ‘Oneness with all that is’. This concept of Oneness is a return to the sacred unity which is beyond the differentiation of form and self. These light body activations work on clearing original thought-forms and emotions. This clearing accelerates your ascension process and allows you to fulfill your divine purpose on earth. The Gaiadon Heart light body activations light up the very petals of the holographic light body, with unconditional love and light. This clears all the imprints of the original thought-forms are and hence the reason to undergo any limitation (human experience). Clarity on attaining a Divine Consciousness is illuminated. 


As we allow our soul essence to merge with the highest aspect of our being it allows for changes within our physical body too. The cell membranes become more sensitive to light and resonate with divine thought intentions. The activation raises the light impulses in the pineal gland to balance and purify the immune system. Through these activations, the 33 chakras open up to a 360-degree expansion spherically and are perfectly aligned. As a result, they activate the perfect, spherical balanced, yin-yang, bi-directional, electro-magnetic flow of the meridians. 


When we gain an understanding of how matter is formed by wave patterns at the cellular level and initiate light activations via thought, we immediately clear old physical non-serving thought-forms. This ensures that negative thought-forms, seed patterns, and karmic contracts are released. The body does not perceive the need to experience fear, pain or disease. This encourages humans to live in non-judgment. The human experience is then perceived as an evolutionary step toward returning to the Source. The outcome is the transformation of the Earth into a New 5th-dimensional planet of great peace, beauty, joy, grace, and love.


The Gaiadon Heart thus prepares the pathway for the entire family of Light. Along this pathway, a safe and graceful shift is made, through the Portal of 2012. The consciousness of the human race consequently shifts into a New Age without fear. Gaiadon heart is taught in four Modules. 


Each module is taught by Master facilitators. 


A facilitator can teach others who will be practitioners. 


When you wish to be a facilitator and teach further you must go through one of the modules with Saranya. 


For more details call Radhika and check


You may wish to go online and follow a meditation video and experience the journey into higher realms before you take the classes.

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