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Heartiest Congratulations!!!! I loved the book and I am delighted to share my testimonial with you!



"It's Easy To Be You" is a life-changing book! Radhika Kawlra Singh is an incredibly powerful person and a Subconscious Mind Expert. There is no question that this book can change your outlook and help you begin to make things right in your life!


It’s Easy To Be You is a fabulous handbook to help each one of us attain better self-awareness. This book offers clear information, direction, exercises and action planning that actively engages us in discovering our true self.


If you have been searching to understand yourself better, this book will walk you through the territory you must sojourn so that you leave no stone unturned in discovering your identity, value and purpose of your life. This book helps you become the explorer, discoverer, and builder of your own inner architecture. For many seekers, trying to find their life’s purpose might seem like an overwhelming challenge, but “It’s Easy To Be You” provides a roadmap to personal fulfillment.


In fact, I find that the book is not one to read and put away. One can use it on a daily basis as a tool to give them insight and perspective into life’s day to day challenges. I highly recommend the book to the person who is seeking to become more in harmony with their inner spirit and with the world around them.


I recommend the book wholeheartedly!!!!!!!!

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