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A. Teacher Training

Teacher Training

Talk - School Teachers


Duration: 2 Hours 

Type: Informative talk. 

Location: At your school.

Size of group: A group of 50 or less.

Register: Must pre-register by E-mail 


This is a presentation on how the human mind uses its sub-conscious ability to soak, store & integrate the various forms of communication that it interacts with on a minute to minute basis. An insight into the talk:


Our attempt at school education is providing children the aid to find a deeper understanding of a movement toward peace with the inner self, to integrate their learning and perspectives and apply them realistically. An approach thus emphasizes the uniqueness of individuals, their subjective experiences of the world, and their strivings and potentials for growth. 


While poor self-esteem in adulthood can emanate from events that might be considered personal setbacks (in business, relationships, health, etc.); the primary cause of low self-esteem is negative programming from the past. Often times it might be a product of judgmental teachers and authority figures. Many times derogatory comments, ridicule, relentless criticism and similar factors ignore commendable achievement and simply focus on and accentuate the negative.


Frequently these events hurt, or negative valuations are absorbed by or buried in subconscious memory, with the victim totally unaware of the sources of troubled feelings, fears, self-doubt, and damaging attitudes. Kids fear being judged negatively. When you express negative judgments about them or what they are doing, they feel criticized. The opposite of criticism is praise. Sincere and constructive praise makes children feel comfortable, safe and secure, which is an ideal state for focus on the subject. Next time the child in your class 'messes up', don’t say they're bad or stupid, that is not who they are! That’s only the way you feel about the way they have acted, at the moment.


An understanding of the human mind is a useful aid for the teacher to help in a disposition of accumulated past negative programming in the student’s life. The teachers understand better that in encouraging children with positivity they aid them in eliminating from themselves misjudgments and negative perceptions of self. Labels such as bad, wrong, stupid, clumsy, dumb, inept, untalented, ignorant, etc are done away with. Also, simple hypnosis skills used effectively by teachers will be tools as a positive motivation for building success for Life!



Teacher Training

Talk - School Parents


Duration: 2 Hours 

Type: Interactive lecture

Location: At the Healing Energies office / convenient to the group

There is a special price for voluntary workers and those helping underprivileged children.

Size of group: A group of 20 or less.

Register: Must pre-register by e-mail


How can we raise our children through their early years and the relevance of those years on adult health and Grow a Path that maximizes chances for a healthy life and healthy society? An insight into the talk:


How many of you have been called dumb or stupid? Dumb implies you cannot speak. Stupid means you have no intelligence. Do these words describe you accurately? Probably not! How many of you have ever been told you were bad? Is that true? Are you a bad person? Is what you did, according to another’s perception, really bad? Or was it just simply, the perception of the ‘accuser’ and bad was the only word in their vocabulary at the moment to describe your action? 


Suppose we change the word from dumb to silly, and from now instead of being dumb or stupid, suppose it's alright to act silly? Silly is different than being dumb or stupid. Isn't it? And suppose instead of being 'bad', you were 'naughty'? Imagine or remember a time when someone said you were bad for something you said or did - notice where you feel it in your body. Bad - stomach, head, shoulders, solar plexus, grit teeth, jaw, lower back. Think about being naughty - try to get that same feeling back. Feel the difference in the power of the words! 


The problem in so many of the issues that hypnotherapists regularly see is that somewhere in the past, probably when the client was a child, the client got the message that there was something inherently wrong with them. Either by word or deed, someone in authority, in relation to the child, set a bias in motion that affected the client’s whole life. The bias usually based on some kind of fear. Here are some examples of erroneous thinking that a child may experience that can lead to all kinds of difficulties


I’m not smart enough.

I’m not lovable.

I’m responsible for my parent’s problems.

I’m not pretty enough.

I’m a burden and that is my fault. 


In Communication the response you get is based on the meaning of the words you use. Changing the words that you use, changes the thought. Thought further changes the way you feel and therefore the outcome! Notice how in dialogue by substituting the word ‘BUT’ with ‘AND’, and ‘If’ with ‘WHEN’ makes the sentence so much more positive. 


Low self-esteem does not suddenly appear, like the symptom of an illness. It develops, like cancer, usually unnoticed in early stages, but spreading slowly throughout the mind until, when recognized it may be full-blown, demoralizing destructive and possibly even terminal. Appropriate use of language is a primary hypnotic tool. Used by parents the correct words spoken are a positive motivation for building success for life! This is true especially in the formative years of a child’s life. The only thing that limits them from believing in themself is trapped deep inside them. Their self-image is based on how they received information about themselves. High self-esteem is a must for any progress or motivation and willingness in any learning discipline. 


Teacher Training

Talk - School Parents


Duration: 2 Hours 

Type: Retraining - RESPONSE V/S REACTION

Location: At your school.

Size of group: A group of 50 or less.

Register: Must pre-register by E-mail 


The goal and purpose of these workshops with educators is to allow the human being who is playing a role of a teacher to overcome his personal limitations so he may excel at dispensing knowledge now devoid of his personal challenges. He may also inherit tools that enable him to create interactive and happy learning spaces so he becomes a better communicator. He is able to keep the communication between the student and himself more free-flowing. He is then motivating the student to become more of a decision-maker and empowering him as he is being taught. 



Sometimes it is essential to complement the work done in groups with individual sessions on tape. These are forms of personalized sessions with a voice on tape which may be replayed numerous times by the client to maximize benefits.




An organization needs to find itself putting itself together in varying ways and at the same time as it represents a consolidated cohesive unit, it needs to respect the differences between people and honor everyone's points of view.


A fortnightly journal that brings forth various tools utilized by different employees plus details of their experiences is a definite reminder of the work being helpful.




An organization must provide a counselor to an employee whose services they have terminated so he is able to go back into his daily routine marked with a positive sense of self-respect. This can be taken care of by setting up individual sessions with a qualified therapist.

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