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C. General Training

All Categories of people


BUILDING ENERGY ROOTS {BER} - The basic principle: experience – release – transform. 


Duration: 4 hours

Type: instant gratifications from physical/physiological/psychological issues

Location: Healing Energies Space/ location convenient to the group

Size of the group; 25 or less

Register: must pre-register by email




We make it possible for you to learn just how to do that by working with your energy meridians, your physical body, and your new reality. 


The energy system can be accessed with the appropriate keys. it’s a system of meridians or energy pathways in your body. Getting in touch with this system can align your energy so that it runs smoothly, without any disruptions, within you. The ability to smooth out this electromagnetic energy will open you to healing your emotions, your thoughts, your physical body, and your soul.


Now Because the quality of your thoughts naturally has a deep effect on your healing process, we also address your conscious mind with affirmations that we help you create and show you ways of allowing them to work for you, so you have every possibility of eliminating the discomfort from your life forever.



Sometimes it is essential to complement the work done in groups with individual sessions on tape. These are forms of personalized sessions with a voice on tape which may be replayed numerous times by the client to maximize benefits.




An organization needs to find itself putting itself together in varying ways and at the same time as it represents a consolidated cohesive unit, it needs to respect the differences between people and honor everyone's points of view.


A fortnightly journal that brings forth various tools utilized by different employees plus details of their experiences is a definite reminder of the work being helpful.




An organization must provide a counselor to an employee whose services they have terminated so he is able to go back into his daily routine marked with a positive sense of self-respect. This can be taken care of by setting up individual sessions with a qualified therapist.

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