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  • Radhika Kawlra Singh

Perception v/s Uncertainty

Every human being has encrypted a journey, that is driven by what he truly needs to see as complete. While each one remains in seeking, to get to their perceived goal they need a sign of acknowledgment of their effort and direction, to ensure what they are driving themselves to achieve has a certainty of showing up. Realistically it is only our own perception, that guides our every next move or action. 

Let’s examine just a few aspects that come in the way of building our dominant perceptions, and their contribution to growing the challenges on our journey to build on our goals. As we do that, we must take into account the constructs that assist the human brain in recognizing a certainty of form that molds the dominant ideas to meet the goals. 


The choices we make, are not always conscious responses. Most of our daily responses are subconscious and before we know it, we have responded or reacted. One way to ensure that the brain can trigger a defined response is to expand awareness while making certain selected responses. It signals this certainty in a way that allows the human brain to build a neural map that indicates a steady right feeling state. A set of hormones secrete chemicals each time that same neural map is visited thus strengthening the actual feeling state. Thus, it becomes obvious that a person’s conscious response to anything can also grow a sense of certainty. 

One of the ways to feel certain is to build this response by building awareness of what responses allow a good feeling and what responses leave you uncertain and wary. If for instance smelling your mothers cooking always builds a positive response, to feel more certain the neural map inside the brain will light up each time you consciously tell yourself “Wow, this smell makes me light up and feel so good”. Using this method each time you wish to assert yourself – lessen apprehension fear or uncertainty, pause and attach the positivity by revisiting the smell of your mothers cooking. All you need to do is go back to a time and place, pick up on clues around that time, and soon enough the essence of the smell will be back and mentally conditioned with more intensity. Next time you need to feel assertive – it will not take long to source that smell or that certainty.


On a daily basis, we struggle between what we perceive as good and bad and create a repetitive pattern of judging everything. On a new day when we wish to become goal-oriented our perception of good and bad challenges even our ordinary momentum. When we succeed in meeting our goal despite our perception of good and bad – it is only our determination that keeps the momentum to meet the goal initiated. 

The construct of determination is recognized by the human brain not by chance – but by letting go of our judgment of good and the bad. As long as we hold on to any judgment there will always be a lack within. The lack will deplete energy because it will trigger you to dwell on useless ideas and remain in criticism. Each time you drop your judgment you will create a thoroughgoing momentum for change and every time you employ it - the momentum toward change gets weaker. Therefore, it can also be established that your self-image stemming from your own criticism can trigger your determination to act upon life and thus co-create the momentum for change. 

I would like to quote Therese Borchard, a celebrated mental health writer - from her blog titled 'The Wisdom of the Desert', written on August 20, 2020, she says and I quote. “ The void or the desert feels like a useless place. However, if you can afford to stop for a period of time – if you can just sit in uncomfortable silence and unknowing – it can be life-changing”. This quotation leads me to examine the place of stillness within.


Our connection within, helps us expand on our state of presence and our complete perception of knowing fulfillment. It is when we are able to remove ourselves from the daily pattern of uncertain and impulsive action that we can access and thus acknowledge the glorious hidden essence of our being. 

Silence does not happen automatically, even as it is an inherent part of what constructs the human being. We have been programmed as evolving humans, to rummage through life challenges – growing contentment through multitasking and moving towards the fulfillment of goals, at all times. Sleep is reduced to an unnecessary burden – most people sleep only because they are exhausted, and never really consciously chose to rest their bodies as a means to align with the deeper realm within. Therefore, it is impossible to be optimistic about the collective human race wanting to make daily choices to access the unknown using silence and contemplation. However, unless we collapse the individual barriers to rest and relax by choice, a whole generation, and our current civilization will go without wisdom gained from deeper insight, and uncertainty at all levels will remain an impediment 

on our perceived journey.

It is encouraging to observe how we can make dynamic shifts on our perceived journey-making alterations toward the better through reflection and analysis. It is only a shift in perception of individual thought patterns that will augment a healthy balanced Universe. Change on an individual level will engender a new transition – and every next choice will encourage the individual to slowly start to see himself co-creating a mirror image of the life that is in seeking. As every seemingly separate mind is encouraged to accommodate their internal shift, it will amend every outer dialogue that every stream of thought is having with the world. Thus, any kind of change becomes well within everyone’s reach.

To conclude we must understand that powerful thought patterns, some repetitive and others new and emerging collectively augment the individual experience and collectively the Universal consciousness. After which anything that earlier needed to have an identity finds symbolic representation as unconditional love.

copyright blog @ Radhika Kawlra Singh 2020. 

Radhika Kawlra Singh has asserted her right under the Indian Copyright Act to be identified as the author of this work. Picture credit: Radhika Kawlra Singh

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Aarti Seth
Aarti Seth
Nov 15, 2020

Great concept of Universal consciousness


Bhanu Seth
Bhanu Seth
Nov 08, 2020

Very true , the silence and connection within is all one needs to live the life one wants. But body consciousness and judgment of things and situations as you said keep pulling us back. However once you start enjoying the silence it’s bliss. Then every experience becomes an opportunity to grow and learn 👏🏻👏🏻

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