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I have immensely enjoyed the experience of reading the wonderful book ‘It’s easy to be YOU’, it deals with various demons that we have in the hectic and stressful life. It offers solutions as how to deal with and come out victorious. The very question who am I ? is an enigma in itself and Radhika boldly picks up the cudgels in answering and then suggesting ways as how to know yourself control yourself and move on in life. It is a book that combines the art of knowing mythological historical and consciousness. 


Like an expert she picks up the doubts, misgivings, frustration, fear and the problems we face and she starts peeling of the layers one by one, as if we are peeling an onion and then brings us to the core. It is pertinent that in allowing us to open the doors of our perception she beautifully blends the energies yoga physical well being and the role of beautiful landscape of nature.


The stressful world that we live where we want to excel every moment the book offers hope and a way out . Each moment is significant catch hold of it and do your best. Like a seasoned guide she lets you sail smoothly on the tumultuous sea of life. She provides you with weapons to fight it out and come out victorious. The book is an ideal bed side guide to provide you with answers to the mysterious Y O U. Read it e njoy it savour it and you have answers to the riddle called life and YOU. Written in a powerful lucid tone with vivid imagery and metaphors and perfect diction the book grows on you as you go through the journey of various chapters. Each is unique and each is a gem. I wish Radhika all the best and look forward to her next book and to the readers a delightful and enlightening experience of soul and self and A BETTER EASY TO BE YOU. - Rama Sharma

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