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Radhika Kawlra Singh is one of the Premier Mind Coaches in India. With a vast experience spanning two decades, she has worked with leading Indian Olympic athletes, with heads from the corporate world, with teachers from across schools in the country and with children of all age groups. 

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Radhika Kawlra Singh has been a licensed therapist in practice since 1998. With her first published book, she is expanding the healing canvas to be able to make people self-reliant so they may witness their own evolution and satiate their quest for feeling content. As she shares tools and techniques that make people move from point A to point B, feeling better in every way, she is also awaiting the universal presence of infinite consciousness to witness its own manifestation as being ONE. She firmly believes that so long as the human mind engenders the divide, it will be a long arduous journey back home for the universe. Her series of authored works are work in progress. 

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