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Hypnotherapist /Mind Coach Radhika Kawlra Singh helps you address the various areas of your emotional distress, deal with physical pain, and interrogate a methodical spiritual quest, so you may find healthy solutions to establish your mental, emotional and physical well being. She enables you to discover the underlying cause of your symptoms while addressing your state of unrest by using a range of psychological tools and techniques. By guiding you to re-train your mind, she enables you to alter your behavior patterns, dismiss your dilemmas and start the process of recovery so you feel shifted while you are in session with her. She facilitates you to make holistic shifts while simultaneously teaching you how to use these tools yourself. In this manner, she believes that she is able to empower people to better understand their mind and initiate a shift at the root cause of the symptoms. The varied solutions she helps you create, are unique for these are personalized tools that initiate changes slowly and permanently. Radhika does not diagnose medical conditions, nor prescribe medication for any symptom.


Hypnotherapist /Mind Coach Radhika Kawlra Singh has studied the workings of the subconscious mind in great depth and detail over a period of over two decades. She received her first license to practice hypnotherapy from the oldest and most prestigious Hypnosis Guild, NGH in the year 2000. The National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc. is a not-for-profit, educational corporation in the State of New Hampshire. Initially founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1950, the Guild is a professional organization composed of dedicated individuals committed to advancing the field of hypnotism that provides an open forum for the free exchange of ideas concerning hypnotism. The Guild established in 1950/51 is a resource for members and a vehicle for legal and legislative action. This unique organization continues to encourage an eclectic exchange of ideas, fellowship, mutual trust and cooperation among members – while promoting and protecting the art, science, and philosophy of hypnotism. Going forth she continued to train and receive various certifications from the NGH as well as other institutes of the highest repute.

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