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Individual Therapy Sessions



Radhika Kawlra Singh has earned herself an enormously acquiescent reputation of working with people from all sections of society, young and old for over two decades, done in an individual capacity. She has been working as a forthright, hard-driving therapist who sets high standards for herself and her clients. A passion for learning, training from the leading and most successful teachers and institutes worldwide and a profound interest in the spirit, are additional merits of this accomplished healer.






During the course of the sessions, the client is given suggestions over the pre-talk to first be able to express their discomfort and distress over an hour of time before the actual session begins. Radhika helps them understand how the therapy will enable them to find a correct solution and how the treatment works. Most time she is able to use the two and a half hours to share multiple psychological methods of addressing the issue and resolving many different parts of the issue simultaneously. The client is free to use these methods using specific instructions given by her and the client also has a choice to schedule the next appointment.




Since the work with the subconscious involves working with the innermost layers of the person's mental, emotional, physical states of being the work involves using a plethora of mind tools that she has collected over a period of two decades. This helps create effective and permanent changes in the way people think, behave and act. Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Suggestibility, Observation sciences, Emotional tapping techniques, and Varied Healing Modalities are some of the tools applied in the sessions.




Each session is completely confidential. Radhika has a confidentiality contract, that is a legal document that must be signed prior to any session. It ensures that nothing that is discussed in the course of the pre-talk or actual session with the client or their visiting support group is disclosed to any other person. 




Prior to each session, two physical hard paper copies are signed. These are the Client Bill of Rights; being legal documents that states clearly the nature of the work and the client's complete validation and consent of the undertaking. 




Radhika feels empowered and happy to use her ability and passion to help people from varied cultures and backgrounds. She has been guiding and working with all age groups, enabling and empowering change with all kinds of issues. 





She has been able to continue her practice over 21 years, because of the recommendations she receives from her clients. 




You may call and speak with her first after writing her a text, prior to committing to a session. Once you have chosen to work, she commissions her office to reach out to you to sign the paperwork and set up a session suitable for your needs and requirements in time.



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