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Compelling hypnotic therapies are used in a systematic way that gives reliable results for a number of issues. Most issues that Radhika and her associate therapists work with are completed in 5 to 7 sessions. 


The telephone number for Radhika is +91 9811157255


The email is 


Healing Energies has shifted its working space since November 2015 and is located in DLF Phase3.


For any discussions/interviews/information on a therapy tool/signing up for a class /or a one to one session with her, a prior appointment needs to be arranged. This can be done by writing an email/sending a text message on her mobile phone. You will find it easier to leave her a text message.


She is happy to answer all your questions, however since the nature of the work requires absolute focus, her phone is on most occasions in silent mode. Her office help will set an appointment for you along with sharing all paperwork like confidentiality agreements and the Client Bill of rights prior to your appointment. 


For any training on hypnosis and hypnotherapy/ learning energy therapies/ taking Self-Hypnosis classes/ Workshops/Podcasts/Posts do keep up with this website. Most of these are pre-arranged from time to time depending upon requests. These are also arranged according to the sacred time calendar and held at places in accordance with sacred geometry. These are usually full-day classes 9.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m. and may be conducted out of New Delhi where Radhika resides.


Please allow 48 hours for replies to emails. If a faster reply is necessary, we suggest using the telephone on weekdays. Inquiries submitted on weekends or holidays may not be replied to until the next regular (India) workday. 

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