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All actions emerge out of desire. To say that you are devoid of desire would be incorrect. Even the very next moment of your engagement with nothingness moves further, only after you have placed an embedded command into the momentum. It is now established from the opening line that your desire creates your reality. Therefore, it would be wise to plan a reality—living a life devoid of fear, hesitation, and shame. To enable that, you should follow consciousness to guide you to re-visit the inner-self more frequently.

When you do not align with your inner-self desires, there is an experience of hesitation, shame, and fear. To live by glory would mean to know that others are appreciating you in such a manner that you can add that understanding to your already established sense of purposeful living. A multitude of empowering experiences enables you to find the guidance to rest unreservedly - after you depart this planet’s subjective reality. That must demonstrate that you maintained an unwavering determination and remained resolute on working to dismiss your fears and build your sense of worth. You found appreciation, and you anchored it well.

Like all other acts of virtuousness, simple honesty leads the way toward a life to be led without guilt. One way of knowing one's journey better is to lead a life with less desire. Hedonistic over-indulgence kindles greed and creates a mercurial disposition. Your tireless engagement with the diverse facets of existence, and the validation of your many attempts to move toward liberation, will only be secured through multiple levels of changes in your perception—in a way that you manifest and live through the experience bliss.

A critical element that restricts your unaccountability is your inability to watch your senses. ‘vipra-dusta’ is a Sanskrit term that describes a person who lacks control of his feelings. For instance, listening to praise and feeling over joyousness or, feeling sorrowful at dispraise or, feeling ecstatic at a pretty picture or, lacking complete expression in receiving any benefaction.

Another critical element that you can control in restricting your desire's excessive use is ensuring you take care of the body. Every inhumane act is born out of the body’s need to be appreciated or satisfied. The human body feels the need to be rewarded. Every good and honorable human act of righteousness proves futile when the body feels disempowered and reacts to simple triggers. For instance, when a human reacts with rage or aggression to foul words spoken or builds anxiety and restlessness while waiting for an apology. Likewise, feeling the need to hit out when feeling displeasure or even the act of merely perceiving disrespect can become a trigger for misconduct in behavior. A human reaction expressing annoyance for the inattention to the use of disempowering language—the kind that is commonly seen as road rage- occurs daily. Tiny routine occurrences such as this build an enormous momentum leading to harsh physical responses like hitting out, slapping or pushing, and other criminal acts of much graver violence.

A third factor that needs a mention is the act of cleanliness, for it leads to helpful mindfulness—remaining unclean initiates absurdity and purposelessness. The absurdity of cleanliness needs to be accountable as well. The limits of each article of disempowerment need a self-examination. You can unearth infinite truth from copious acts of goodwill and unselfish behavior. When you fill your heart with internal and external purity—you are naturally guided by the undaunted force that lies underneath you to follow rules of conduct and build upon a joyful state of mind, balanced temperament, and a non-discriminatory character.

In the words of Roger Gabriel on his blog published - he writes, and I quote: “A yogic lifestyle is a journey to create unity on all levels. This means to live every day consciously, with a focused, calm mind, seeking inner perfection at all times.”

Liberation is born of the stem of duty. A human must partake in all actions proposing to behave in ways that contribute to every human's well-being. Every individual journey has its own set of challenges meted out. At the same time, the outlook on traveling that journey should not pre-empt absolute perfection. Yet, it is only each engagement through trial and error that will enable each one to discover the correct pre-disposition to dismiss all that lies in the way of his liberation. Liberation will materialize only from understanding desire and knowing its origin. It will transform all intention and affect the individual journey, preserving the need to meet desirous results.

copyright blog @ Radhika Kawlra Singh 2020. 

Radhika Kawlra Singh has asserted her right under the Indian Copyright Act to be identified as the author of this work. Picture credit: Radhika Kawlra Singh

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