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  • Radhika Kawlra Singh

Ritual v/s All-Knowing

Before all things came into being, there was nothing - not even the idea of the Guru and thus no ritual. All things were present uniformly, and the Guru was omnipresent - without any identity. The Universal state of all-knowing remained present at all times, and therefore bliss was ever-present. Without the need for any articulation or interpretation, a universal paradise could sustain itself. 

It is when the universe became conscious of its own trajectory, it found itself fragmented into many many parts. Consciousness found its own identity, and the universe started a process of seeking to know itself better. It is for this reason that every fragmented part of consciousness nurtures itself at its own state of being conscious, and every human is an ‘individual’ human being oscillating between varying states of being awake and asleep. Each individual human utilizes every kind of ritual so as to discover itself all over again, and know itself as being complete. 

Along the human journey, every individual enables the participation of all others around him so he may find a resonation with activities that build back his remaining quotient of unconditional spirit. We know that finding yourself feeling right in any relationship does take time and trial. Our relationship with every aspect of our life: wealth, success, self-image, self-worth especially our relationship with other diverse vibrational beings, takes itself through many journeys. Some journeys we walk through with awareness and others are harder to identify. Every action is however meant to enable the coming together of all fragmented parts of each person's energy, until such time that each part feels fully in resonance with all other parts of itself - outside of itself.

Upon observation, a learned person will awaken fully to ‘identify’ the Guru within. While evolution does not happen to an individual, and collectively an entire species gets evolved: at the individual level, a realization of many kinds of truths dismisses the need for external guidance. As each individual evolves in his thinking, understanding, and his co-creation within his subjective reality he propels a movement of spirit that starts to recognize itself as remaining in a state of oneness. Since the origin of all subjective reality stems from the point of deviation of the state of oneness; every kind of human observation aligns consciousness to unite at one level of vibration and the state of the absolute remains closely in seeking.

Today we are able to think about how we think and act based on a certain thought through process. The greater good can only find itself at a harmonious level of instinct and as people draw inspiration from that state of energy they become the masters of their mind and state of being. It is thus recommended that through each thought we must include the seeking for self-sustenance. Making an extra effort to building a greater internal connect, only enables you to recognize your individual trajectory as being rightly placed. Remaining resplendent with the correct learnings will only hasten the purpose and quest of the holistic universal process.

copyright blog @ Radhika Kawlra Singh 2020. 

Radhika Kawlra Singh has asserted her right under the Indian Copyright Act to be identified as the author of this work. Picture credit: Radhika Kawlra Singh

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Nov 21, 2020

Enlightening! Opens up your mind.


Jahangir Asgar Jani
Jahangir Asgar Jani
Nov 21, 2020

Great stuff Radhika.

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