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It is rare to find people who can access the psychic being. The irony is the psychic being is working at all times, assisting the chosen spiritual journey in the material realm. To find more awareness and discover a method to access the inner wisdom, we need to rest the mental chatter and succinctly enter the soul's heart.

Nothing prevents you from engaging more significantly with your journey. You are always moving back and forth, using thoughts, emotions, and behavior. At any point in time, the mind is in a restless momentum - needy to discover more purpose and curious to understand the goal. The contemplation keeps the mind awakened and engaged with the beautiful journey of light's diversity and wonderment.

When we choose to live our lives without the dichotomy of having separate points of view on the same subject - we have contemplated enough and ready to awaken to our inner reserves. It is when you see yourself deviated from the miracle of life and its state of happiness; it is then that you accept yourself as being less-lacking in faith and trust for knowing joy. Buying into your perception becomes an alliance for never knowing anything more extraordinary, generating the most significant need for healing.

Silence brings light to the wisdom of a kind that a busy mind cannot even fathom. Being silent entangles with infinite knowing, establishing an unknown rhythm. Once there, there is no hint of confusion or movement of going back and forth. The willingness to know, understand and appreciate your goal itself brings both the mind and will to know themselves as one.

Through life's disappointments, you start to lack confidence in yourself, and you allow yourself to accept and believe that there are more things wrong than right in and around you. Once you are on the path of losing confidence - you are doomed for failure. However, the power of misrepresented facts lacks suggestibility - when compared with the truth. As it happens, there is hope for making amendments and dismissing the judgments you make. The way forward lies in building more trust, and trust will emerge only from unearthing more truth.

Truth cannot withstand any dishonesty. Thus, the very willingness within you to become a seeker by itself will enable you to know yourself as nothing less than being entirely complete. Making corrections in understanding your abilities - will manifest everything known and everything unknown about yourself. As soon as you shift your perceptions about yourself, there is a simultaneous shift externally as well.

Every kind of contemplation is note-worthy, as long as it fulfills the need to awaken you to a more creative space of unconditioned grace. You deny yourself the power of every miracle when you don’t start with silence. You take pride in using your mind, yet that is the part that deceives you the most. In being imprisoned by your methods and ways of conducting your life, while you prosper and succeed - you also draw on your arrogance. You make the mistake of converting your self-worth into unknown conceit at first, and eventually, that feeds on itself and turns into complete arrogance and pride.

The innocence, the fragility of your dream state, and the strength of your real power are best concealed from you through the challenges you face. Yet, these challenges are most significant because you would have very little to look forward to without these under-capacitated states. Your capacity to find the strength to deal with your attractions - is your best source of faith. Your seeking thereby becomes the very tool that will bring you salvation. Silence may become the primary tool you can utilize to strengthen your self-inquiry initiation to awaken the inner reserves.

Look a silence as a new habit. I quote Leo Babauta from -, and he says, "We can see the habit or project with fresh eyes, as if we’d never seen it before, and bring a sense of wonder and curiosity to what we’re doing."

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Radhika Kawlra Singh has asserted her right under the Indian Copyright Act to be identified as the author of this work. Picture credit: Radhika Kawlra Singh

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