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  • Radhika Kawlra Singh

EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON - How do I energize change?

Ever wondered about the possibility that we may just be slaves to a cosmically predetermined algorithm—an entirely unknown process that offers us no opportunity for redress? As a result of which, perhaps everything simply aligns itself in our daily lives, to meet some set purpose, even as it may remain distant from our conscious state of awareness?

Success has never come easy or, too soon for anything or anyone - unless it has come through chance. It is a cardinal eventuality that arrives only through hard work, and a perpetuating series of “I will not give up-moments”. The validation of success awaits the realization of the goal. The journey in itself very rarely is a goal by itself. 

At most times, through the challenges, there is a shout-out to faith, and hope slowly starts to surface. As the challenges get mightier, there is a need to build a sustained method to walk through the perceived chaos. For instance, after any kind of betrayal-the perceived nature of disloyalty, determines the amount of hope that is required to re-curve the ability to regain strength. Seeking and pretense go hand in hand; so long as one can pretend to make things better, the seeking will continue.

It is perhaps time to break our prototypical pattern, give up something of ourselves, something little that holds us back from knowing ourselves differently. It takes more courage, more ingenuity, and a lot of encouragement to make that little change. Once made, the inhibition to achieve something bigger is automatically birthed.

Nothing wholesome is ever achieved without understanding sacrifice. Sacrifice does not have to involve any kind of greatness. It is not about how it is being observed in you, the only thing changed, is one, that you feel within. Sacrifice involves knowing something differently. It involves a persistent perception change that arrives slowly at first and one day you realize that you have adopted a new kind of acceptance. The perception may require a subtle or, a giant shift; yet the experience will come only to those who are willing to pursue it at any cost. Therefore, any sacrifice is real when it does not change you – it changes how you observe something about yourself.

Once you learn about acceptance, simultaneously you learn about strength. When you utilize this strength to produce change, you know you are no longer purposeless. You have brought yourself into a new kind of knowledge, one that helps you observe your own actions more, and thus enables you to build a greater purpose. 

For a long time now, by way of acknowledging your trials as impediments, you may have been acting out of your perceived misery. Each time you demonstrate your tendency to struggle, you are conditioning a willingness to act out of norms laid out by other minds.

Creating your own rules so as to figure out a new algorithm for success, in meeting simple tasks, maybe tougher than in meeting complex or, more developed tasks. Even as complex tasks, like making a choice of not going back to your job or, starting to exercise daily, can simply be dismissed at will. It is the smaller stuff that seems ordinary yet, is more difficult. For instance, suddenly befriending someone you have been working with for a long period of time or, going out of your way to getting yourself something simple to eat like green salad leaves on a daily basis, and even joining your hands in prayer and being grateful; any of these simplest tasks are the hardest to come around to. 

Slowly when you redress the change, the change overcomes your redressal. You find more control over your instincts, for you pause more often and think through your responses. Everything does not have to happen in a certain way unless you give it a reason to happen. Nothing that is even cosmically determined, takes place without your consent. You may feel resourceful enough at times, and at other times you may give in to a conditioned way of responding. While nothing bad has to come out of your automatic response, a mindful response will only create a better conscious experience – each time. 

Slowly as these experiences add up, you will initiate less troubling outcomes. You will align yourself to meet any outcome, with much more gratefulness for your own attention toward it. The result may not warranty a bigger outcome, it will however create a conduit for less regret and an even greater acceptance that generates a more substantial feeling of calm.

Has it just been you inviting all the trouble, all along your journey?

copyright blog @ Radhika Kawlra Singh 2020. 

Radhika Kawlra Singh has asserted her right under the Indian Copyright Act to be identified as the author of this work. Picture credit: Radhika Kawlra Singh

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Ritu Schimer Dhingra
Ritu Schimer Dhingra
Sep 08, 2020

These algorithms are definitely predetermined...all we need to do is play the synchronicity act. It is an awareness at a deeper level about what's the purpose of our lives besides working- reworking on our potential as humans. The supreme power ,our creator sent us into this existence ,the human form to live in peace and calmness within to simply find tune with the outside turning inward for being in oneness with the cosmic energies!


Sep 04, 2020

You have no control of how things turn out. But you are responsible for everything that happens to you.

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