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Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Picture clicked by Radhika Kawlra Singh

Ganesh Chaturthi is traditionally celebrated to salute people’s expressions, enthusiasm and forbearance for life and its myriad challenges.‘Ganapati Bappa' is remembered with cheerfulness before beginning any new venture simply by adopting the spirit of mirth. Beyond representing a custom, the initiation of ‘Ganesha’ seeks to impregnate the greatest success in the forthcoming endeavor. 

The merrymaking around a symbolic idol originated as a means to bring awareness to the Spirit’s highest intent for equivalence of goodness. In utilizing the exhilarated energy of each person's spirited expression through the festivities, a salutation to an intangible reality has been serving as a discernible reminder to look for the good within, and around us. The celebrations explicitly anchor enormous gratitude for a diversity of accomplishments made and accolades received, pledging appreciable reverence for receiving direction for the fruition of meeting their dreams in the coming times. 

Developing a consideration toward unity through this diversity is a huge takeaway from the engagement with this form of adulation for Ganesha. The interpretation and assimilation of feeling harmonious with everyone develops with the understanding that people are the real resource of your strength and not the power that you may gain from the success of your endeavour. It is the idolization of the love of the human element, that brings alive the very energy that is in seeking through worship and by means of prayer. Worshipping Ganesha with adoration is futile without integrating the wisdom that he is symbolic of. The acquisition of true knowledge comes from assimilating the inherent need to feel harmonious with others and integrating it to build better relationships. The Jain monastic code of conduct uses a Sanskrit phrase, "Mithya me duskrtam,” on one chosen day each year, through the ten days of Ganesh Chaturthi, urging each individual to initiate self-awareness to rest on their improper actions and seek limitless forgiveness. In this way, all misdoings become inconsequential enough and create the correct impetus to make calmer beginnings.  

The process of psychic development goes on tirelessly, not just through our entire span of life—it is believed that the illusion of ‘Maya’ keeps us connected through several lifetimes. It is thus important to utilize the strength and stamina of your conscious state of awareness to allow for repentance. In letting go of the unwanted deliberation of your actions, you start to create norms of higher value and incite the essence of your being, in becoming whole-hearted. 

Repentance is plainly found by using the energy of being awakened to your life’s trials. By looking back in time, through the interactions with people who have been the biggest part of your world you can identify the misdoings, misinterpretations, and misconduct. On finding reasons for imbalance in these relationships you are drawn to fill them up with sincere reflection. But first, you are required to develop your ability to confess to error. The moment you find fault in your own deeds, you will be guided by a newness to integrate an inward calm. 

The indeterminate workings of the human mind operate merely by absorbing all the information they receive, allowing ignorance to filter much of their human activity. Therefore, human engagement with its psychic self will slowly strengthen the will to not be misled or separate the mind from joining the soul’s illumination and truth. The influence of your inner realm may remain transcendental or it may have penetrated the psychic self. Either way, the work of pursuing wholesome activities will slowly start to dominate your thoughts, your speech, and your physical state of the body. 

Self-realization liberates us as it is seated in the light of forgiveness, it is much beyond the littleness of human emotion—-even beyond confession and repentance. It will eventually allow you as an individual to know yourself as becoming the same idol that you adore, look up to and perhaps even worship. All roads will lead back home, where you belong. Ganesha beckons us to seek the very foundation that it represents, provoking the wisdom to know ourselves as our cosmic self. Every ounce of truth that we are able to discern today—-awakens new knowledge for all there is! 

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Sep 05, 2020

So beautifully expressed, compelling you towards inward thinking and introspection! Loved reading it Radhika , looking forward to reading more of your fascinating pieces !


Sep 02, 2020

An inward journey - self realization, 'mithya mein dusrtam' ... self awareness

Indeed a need of the times.

Beautiful thoughts, beautifully expressed


Ashima Leena
Ashima Leena
Aug 31, 2020


The blend of Religion and Science has been explored .....but THE BLEND OF DIVINE KNOWLEDGE AND INTELLECT for the first time .....being invented !

It is like Wright brothers inventing the plane !


Anju Khanna
Anju Khanna
Aug 30, 2020

Very well written Radhika. Enjoyed it and trying to fully grasp it. Certainly an insight to one's self is very important. And u have explained it very well. Carry on the good work


Aug 26, 2020

What a lovely read .... looking forward to more such articles

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