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Inner Peace Is about becoming resolute to remain in the presence of the sanctum of sanctity, within the self. 

This requires both, an acceptance, and an acknowledgment at three basic levels.

A. Finding the determination to achieve Inner peace

B. Understanding the presence of inner peace, and

C. Nurturing the discipline to remain in its presence

Finding the determination to achieve Inner peace.

Does Inner peace not transcend every next moment? What is Inner peace? Is the experience in seeking even worthy of the effort that it will take to arrive at a conceptual reality? Inner peace is considered to be an idea that lives within an unknown space, that has been spoken about in great detail and depth by some great masters, and some others who are notably wise and spiritual. 

Mental conditioning in finding inner peace is today being recognized as a key component that makes the charter for a diversity of workshops, coaching sessions, and spiritual lessons. It meets an exponentially growing new pattern of doers who become followers of a certain idea that threads every ounce of consciousness that can significantly bind itself to a methodology to acquire Inner peace. Even as the success of every endeavor is acknowledged by the amount of clarity of insight that has been found with the experience of Inner peace, it's understanding must influence the mood, attitude, and behavior of the people who feel trusted and in the knowledge of a state of peace. 

Perhaps a new kind of mental chaos at the individual level, that has been created from a significant and abundant holistic mental clutter, is initiating a need for a reference to Inner peace and a referendum to acquire it. Some deviation from the sacred principle of creation had to occur, for humans to want to drive themselves to experience inner peace. The irony is that while the tools being offered to acquire it are endless and the perception of the gamut of work that needs to be done to acquire it, is expansive—inner peace is always present!

Understanding the presence of inner peace.

The human brain is being re-trained at various levels to meet its specific growing needs. A great depth of work is applied to benefit varying aspects of our personality and skill. The difficult question is, when and how do we know we have found Inner Peace?

The transpersonal realm has been explored fully and a great deal of ideation, analysis, and opinion has been found that highlights inner peace, and what it can do to explore, grow and evolve the human endeavor. Yet, the presence of Inner peace is already alive and pulsating from the very moment the fetus joins the experience of collective consciousness with the first breath. Inner peace is nurturing itself within the sanctity of a space that is absolute and total. It is a construct that remains buried in the sanctum beneath the exterior of every human. Every single breath of each human is connected to the vibration of the planet that is pulsating with a new reality giving shape to the human form. The awareness of inner peace is not ever absentin reality, it is always present. It is the absence of its presence that engenders humans to employ their skill in first seeking it, then knowing it, and eventually keeping up with it.

Nurturing the discipline to remain in its presence

Training the mind with all kinds of newer technique: some borrowed, some purchased and some that come naturally, attempts to establish harmony between the mind and the body. The psychological factors affecting the under-performance of a task or, over-sensitivity related to experience, person, place, or even the self is wholly and thoroughly examined using these techniques. Our body does demonstrate a consolidated and effective way to integrate technical instructions with awareness techniques. However, the very second you communicate better with yourself, you are promoting the development of your insight and intuition to recurve yourself back to your state of nothingness.

Through observation and with repeated experimentation, as man came into the awareness of his thoughts over millions of years, knowing they were timeless, he observed and embraced his beliefs and his emotions, recognising that all things get undone; thereby, trusting that all his problems would also change’. This Quote on finding Inner Peace is from the book  ‘YOU: Beyond Isolation'

It is thus established that even though man easily persevers to find Inner peace while expanding his relationship with presence - he does not practically lack in his ability based on any of his personal shortcomings. The absence of Inner peace is present only due to your lacking ability to sustain your limitations.You are in the presence of Inner peace when you have erased your need for perfection. As long as you continue to ideate about what can be made perfect - you lose presence and thus instantly you also lose trust in yourself.

What is critical is to know that you remain thoroughly dedicated to finding a good connection with your present. Inner peace does not need to be waited upon. The experience of wanting an internal shift will only throw you in the deep end of uncertainty. You do not need to be prepared to know or live with Inner peace. You simply step away from all chaos and you have found inner peace. Your only resolution must be to not labour to have it, as a matter of fact, it's just the opposite. That is also because the idea for living with inner peace was guaranteed at birth. It is only awaiting your complete observation of it!!

Let yourself know that I must:

  1. Do away with interrupting thoughts - at all times

  2. Calm the mind, so as to slip in relevant information required for observation of Inner Peace, and

  3. Dismiss old associations and disempowering memories

copyright blog @ Radhika Kawlra Singh 2020. 

Radhika Kawlra Singh has asserted her right under the Indian Copyright Act to be identified as the author of this work. Picture credit: Radhika Kawlra Singh

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1 Comment

Meenu Kumar
Meenu Kumar
Oct 17, 2020

WOW! Its a super, enlightening,energizing,awake-ning, blog . It compels one to look inwards find their inner peace.

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