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RESONANCE - Awareness

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

A Book for a Reader, is a word document with the ability to trigger varied responses.  A Self - Help Book, is a tool to get from where you are to where you need to be.  A Book for the Author. is as much a means to deliver a learning to a wide audience, as a widened path for the self to resonate with and thus traverse through, life’s myriad experiences. 'IT'S EASY TO BE YOU', has been photographed at the SFMOMA { San Francisco Museum of Modern Art }, sitting between two steel ellipses connected by an S shape to create a winding path. This majestic steel installation titled ‘Sequence’ is the master craftsmanship of ‘Richard Sierra’* who investigated both the physical impact of sculpture on the surrounding space and it’s psychological impact on viewers. Abstract from page three of the book 'It's easy to be YOU' reflects upon the ease of awakening. I find a strong resonance between the context on this page that speaks of the process of evolution with conscious human beings striving to meet their highest potential; and the symbolism of this installation. Sierra reflects upon physical awareness in relation to space, place, time and movement. He built the steel corridors to reflect upon the idea that a body movement is not established by the optical image but by its physical awareness. Analogy can be drawn to Page three “To the best of my belief and purpose - when each person is awakened enough to reconstruct his personal path, the world that is constructed to meet his reach will simultaneously begin to redevelop and evolve to meet his innate knowing of totality.” Both the content of the book and Sierra reflect upon the idea of humans coming into contact with their unknown experiences externally to unite with their known experiences internally. If we were to observe our breath in any moment in time, first we would notice a sensation. Soon after we would consciously meander into a experience that dismisses itself with as much integrity and swiftness as it's arrival. The entirety of the sensation remains only in its state of form to plunge back into the formless. One triggers the other.  Sensations are replaced with ease with perceptions, with images, through thoughts, using kinesthetics: since all of these are what awareness is made of. Each one signs up to reveal itself and then persistently leave. Nothing can remain except for it's imprint in time. An attachment to any of these can only breed emptiness, for in it's physicality it has no substance. As a contrast, lifting the self entirely from each experience will help an integration with the next moment. This kind of liberation from the moment gone by, creates the only kind of content we know. What is in the now only remains in its finest and fullest in its present. The only way to feel an experience in its full glory must be to fit it with awareness. Then move forward.The nature of awareness decides the kind of integration we can expect experientially and thus our full response.  YOU may make the choice of stopping and embracing how your heart feels and therefore re-live an experience. The simple way to bring back and connect with the essence of an experience gone by and thereby know what to expect from a similar space in the future, is to question the inner YOU. If you were to ask your heart to pick up a memory from your past that makes you feel in a certain way; good/bad, more/less, up/down, joyful/distressed - there is an instant resonance followed with a surge of the feeling state. Varied perceptions, images, thoughts, and sensations are quick to show up.    The process of de-construction however, is not quite as simple for the space of eternal peace is filled with many particles of information. Beating at roughly 72 beats a minute the electrical activity source within the human heart lies within the roughly 100 pace maker cells that initiate and thus synchronize the entire electric current.What's key Is to recognize that the heart is your seat of emotions. Emotions effect our heart beat, affecting the heart beat variability shifting the space between two heart beats.The more ease with which you respond to varied stimuli the more your remain guided by the parasympathetic system and less chances of your sympathetic system kicking into an over drive. The more awareness you bring to the present moment, the more relaxed you feel in the very next moment that follows; the more variability of you heart beat increases and your heart remains adaptive to external stimuli. This creates more homeostatic balance within the entire body. While your body travels on its individual trajectory using individual filters of perception, it heads toward no location but to meet the deepest point of resonation within YOU. The steel corridor that Serra creates meanders to meet no specific location, but to meet the wisdom of the inner YOU.  Soon you may realize you are everywhere, between all corridors. Just walking with different awareness. *Resonance.  Something with resonance has a powerful lasting effect.  On a physical level everything changes.  All relationships shift.  The seemingly separate mind changes its trajectory.  The awareness of this is witnessed using multiple sensibilities that align to bring an understanding to the same. *Richard Serra, (born November 2, 1939, San Francisco, California, U.S.), American sculptor is best known for his large-scale abstract steel sculptures. His substantial presence forces viewers to engage with the physical qualities of the works and their particular sites. Positive Light & Healing Energies Radhika Kawlra Singh

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